Design of electrical slip rings, standart or customized products


The qualified staff at LABEL SAS, with its watch-making background, is here to help you study and manufacture your slip rings.

We make standard and customized models, rings and brush slip rings, combined slip rings or carbon slip rings, slip rings with clips, optical slip rings...

Our know-how is comprehensive and applicable to all kinds of manufacturing.

LABEL SAS devotes considerable resources to research and development. Our programs help make our products more effective and more reliable.

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The slip rings are designed using the 3D Pro Engineer software.
Our competent staff is periodically trained on new technologies and uses high-performance production methods. Regardless of the slip ring model or quality, manufacturing is carried out with the same precision.

LABEL SAS products are recognized for their quality and reliability. At each stage of the designing and manufacturing process, LABEL SAS can guarantee the quality thanks to impeccable organization and procedures that meet Iso 9001 and EN 9100 (aeronautical reference) standards.